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Good luck with this this week's maths homework. 3 different papers for the different class groups. This is to check their knowledge of some of the different areas of maths that we have covered through the year, including addition, subtraction, shape and place value. 

Only 10 completed supermarket lists so far this week unless I get a few more later on. Huge well done to those who did complete the slightly more challenging task of finding the Chinese meal ingredients. 

Excellent work everyone for the recent completed homework while I have been away. This week we are hoping for a bit more of an active activity. Your task is to go shopping and find some Chinese meal ingredients. Good luck. Mr T

Happy Easter Year 2

To get you prepared for our next geography topic, here is some research to do on China. Enjoy discovering wonders of one of the biggest countries in the world.

This week we have been writing about our feelings. In preparation for describing the chocolate room next week, please describe how you would feel if you saw Willy Wonka's fantastic chocolate land. Good luck.

Excellent work. 24 children completed their homework this week! That is a year 2 record! Well done.

10x table multiplications this week. I'm hoping for at least 21 completed homework sheets this week. Let's keep up this fantastic commitment to improving our knowledge. Good luck! Don't forget to stick them in the books.

Well done to 21 children for completing their multiplication facts homework!

Well done to 17 children completing their homework about the materials! Some excellent examples brought in. Well done and thank you.

This week we have been designing wanted posters for the Gingerbread Man so this week's homework is to create a wanted poster for a character, pet or family member of your choice. Good luck. I look forward to seeing who is on he run!

This week we are focusing on our science topic of everyday materials. Good luck collecting or drawing materials examples.

Excellent effort this week! 21 out of 29 homework books completed. Some great storyboards about your books as well. Great illustrations and summary of the stories you have been reading. I think we may have some future authors in the making.

This week we are focusing on our reading books. The task is to use your knowledge of the book so far and create a storyboard using 6 images and 6 sentences. Due date: 17.01.18

Hopefully you are all back into the routine of those cold early mornings! Well done to 11 children who practised their spellings. Lets have even more children completing their homework for next week please. Thank you and good luck.

Wow! What an excellent variety of creative pieces you have all created for our Paddington topic. Top work. Check out our class page for photos of some of the homework pieces. Thank you for all of your effort.


I have not given any homework over Christmas so please read with your book at least 3 times whilst you are off. Enjoy the Christmas break everyone.

21 pieces of homework completed this week! Fantastic effort and I can see some of you are making some healthy choices. Thank you

As a Christmas writing topic, we are looking at Paddington Bear in the Marks and Spencer's advert. As a whole school this week, we would like the children to create some art based on this much loved character.

I have added some ideas to help inspire you. I have also added an image of Paddington to colour, collage or paint, as well as some finger puppets that could be created for home or school use. Good luck this week year 2!

 Our aim is to become healthier people by checking what we eat and drink. Please help the children document what they eat for the rest of the week. Good luck with this week's homework. Let's aim for at least 19 next week!

Awesome work this week everyone. 18 pieces of homework! I now know a lot about how to care for a range of animals including hamsters, monkeys, cats and even a bearded dragon!

Good luck with this week's science homework. We have been learning about the needs of humans and animals. We now know that the 3 main needs to survive are food, water and oxygen. The children have been asked to create a care plan for a pet; real or imaginary. Have fun.

Great work again everyone. 15 children completed their homework. We now want to push for even more!

Good luck with this week's spelling homework.

Super work this week. We had 15 superstars bringing in their sports homework. Extra dojo points to be awarded.

Good luck with this week's PE homework

Well done to everyone so far for choosing and practising their spellings. Keep up the practise and look out for the words in our daily lessons.


Please see below for this week's new homework. You can do more than 5 if you wish. Keep up all of the hard work.


Thank you,

Mr Trickett

We have been practising our songs and actions and year 2 are looking and sounding fantastic so please come and join us at 9.30 on Monday 9th October to see their performance. See you there and please feel free to join in with our actions! 

Please see below for this term's spelling mat. I have also provide a paper copy to be taken home.

Great work on the homework again this week. Some super posters have been designed to help us look after the beans which, currently, are growing at a fantastic rate. Thank you for all of the adult support!

Brilliant response again this week. 18 children handed their number representation homework in! Thank you so much for all of your help. The children have been looking to grow beanstalks so we need to know how to look after them. Good luck with this week's creative homework.

It was fantastic to see so much homework come in from the children this week. They have managed to use their adjectives in their story writing which is sounding very colourful and imaginative. Thank you so much to adults for your support. This week's homework task to follow.

Year 2 Mr trickett

 Just to let everyone know PE is every Friday so please make sure they have correct PE kit.

Thank you!